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Fi Money Referral Code April 2024 [VVX3F75VFM] – Earn Rs. 1000 using Fi.nite Code 2024

Fi Money Referral Code 2021

Hello friends, today we are going to start a new category of our website which is Online Earning Tricks online. We hope you will enjoy our new category of earning money online. In this topic, you will receive some earning tricks and today we are here to share with you the trick about the Fi Money Referral code. Here we have updated the latest Fi Money Referral code in April 2024 which is VVX3F75VFM. You can also enter the Code for Fi Money which are VVX3F75VFM or 2LJYTVA8X2 in any of the months during the refer and earn campaign.

Fi Money has rolled out its new terms and condition from 1st April 2024. The Fi Money Refer and Earn Program will continue till 31st December 2024. The Fi Money Referral Code is usable for up to 40 people According to the new Fi Money terms and conditions, one needs to add Rs 3000 for the first time and maintain a balance of Rs 1000 or more in a savings account balance for 10 days.

Fi Referral Codes 2024

Fi Money has rolled out its latest update and we have here provided the list of working Fi Money Referral Codes 2024 which is as follows-


Important Update on Fi Money Referral Code

Fi Money has rolled out its latest update from 1st April 2024. In Fi Money Refer and Earn Program, you need to deposit Rs 3000 in your account. But in the latest update, it is taking some time to receive the referral joining reward. In such a case, you need to contact customer care with your transaction id. After that, you will receive the referral joining reward. Also according to the fi money referral code latest update it is mandatory to add Rs 3000 within 7 days in a new account to receive Rs 300 as a referral bonus.

Fi Money New Referral Code 2024

OMG Fi-Money Account opening Huge Loot. Here are the details –

  • Signup – Rs 100 and above
  • Per Refer- Rs 300 and above
  • Instant cashback.
  • Download and Signup .
  • Fi Refer CodeVVX3F75VFM
  • Employment Type – Salaried.
  • Company Name – TCS/WIPRO.
  • Annual Income – Above 4 Lakhs.

Fi Money Referral Code for Feb 2024 is LFYGJHLLY8

Fi Money has also started an exclusive offer of Fi Money Referral Code for new users. Any new user who installs the Fi Money app using the Fi invitation code  and completes the app installation using Fi Money new referral code today VVX3F75VFM will get a referral bonus of up to Rs 1000 with a minimum amount of Rs. 300. Here I will show you how I have earned Rs 1000+ on using the Fi Money code for the reward is VVX3F75VFM. After receiving the referral amount on the smart deposit, you can also transfer the referred amount to your bank account very easily.

Fi Money Referral Days 2024

  • Fi Money referral days are live from 1st April 2023 To 30th April 2024.
  • You can do unlimited referrals these days.
  • Now, share the fi money referral code VVX3F75VFM with your friend.
  • As soon as your friend joins Fi & adds Rs 3000 to his account, you will earn Rs 300 and You friend will earn Rs 100.

Fi Money New Referral Codes 2024

  • Here are some Fi.nite codes or Fi money referral codes that can be used for earning money. You can try one by one code- 
Fi.Nite Code
Fi Money Refer Code

List of Fi Money Referral Code

Fi Money Referral Codes

Fi Money Finite Code April 2024

Fi Money provides a unique referral code for new users after depositing an amount of Rs 3000 which is called the Finite code. Our Fi.nite Code of Fi Money is FERBZFMLHX Any new user who installs the Fi Money app using Fi.nite code FERBZFMLHX and completes the app installation will get a referral bonus of up to Rs 1000 with a minimum amount of Rs. 300.

Fi Money referral code offer update on April 2024

Fi Money also provides user Fi coins which are available for various gift card redemption processes. You can earn Fi coins by using your Fi Account for different uses and redeeming these coins as Amazon, Flipkart, etc. gift vouchers. So, Open a Fi Money account using our Fi money referral code FERBZFMLHX and start earning Fi coins.

As per latest update on Fi Money Refferal Code April 2024 one who refers Fi Money Salary Program he will additionally earn Rs 700 per referral.

Latest Fi Money Referral Code 

If you are finding the latest Fi Money Referral Code, then you are just trying to open an account on Fi money which is exclusively in a partnership with the Federal Bank of India. You should know some unique features of Fi Money Account and these are as follows –

  • Fi Money debit card is totally free and there is no ATM Charge as well as no  ATM Annual Maintenance Charge.
  • Fi Money Physical Debit Card is also completely free and there is no ATM withdrawals charge too.
  • Fi Money Cheque Book is also free for upto 5 pages.

So, What are you waiting for? Grab the totally free Fi Money Account and use our fi money referral code FERBZFMLHX or VVX3F75VFM or LFYGJHLLY8, so that you can easily earn money from Rs 200- Rs 500 as well as a completely free full-featured bank account.

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Fi Money App Referral Code 2024

Any Indian user can participate in Fi Money Refer And Earn program and earn a limited amount of money up to the first forty referrals in his Fi Money app. Users can transfer the Fi Money Referral amount directly into their bank account. Both the referrer and installer will get up to Rs 400. Only user needs to install and complete the Fi money account opening process successfully using Fi Money App Referral Code. Per joining, both of them will earn Rs 200 to Rs 400 in his Fi Money smart deposit account which can be transferred to the original bank account also.

New Fi Money Refer Code  VVX3F75VFM
Signup Bonus Rs 100 on adding Rs 3000 and Above within 7 days of Account opening.
Referral Bonus Rs 300 on each successful refer.
Note - If you want to add your Fi Money Invite code  on our website  WhatsApp Us  
- Click Here

How To Signup for Fi Money Referral Code

  1. Download the Fi Money App by clicking here – Click Here
  2. Now open the app and enter your mobile number, click next. Verify your number using the OTP sent to your mobile number and Enter your email and legal name as per your aadhaar card. Fi Money Referral Code
  3. After entering the email and name enter the Fi Money referral code FERBZFMLHX  : Referral code in Fi Money
  4. Now enter your Pan Card No and date of birth and click on next. Add Nominee if you wish and click on Add Nominee.Fi Money Refer and Earn
  5. Now enter your aadhar card details in Fi Money App and Verify the OTP sent to your Aadhaar linked mobile number. Fi Money Invite Code
  6. Now enter your address for your free visa card delivery and click on the final part of the account opening process i.e. Swipe to Open Account. An SMS will be sent from your mobile number and Holla! your Fi Money Account will be opened within 5 Minutes.

Fi Money Refer and earn program

Tips for Fi Money Refer and Earn Program

  1.  If employment details are asked in the Fi Money Account opening process, enter your employment details. For example, You can choose the Salaried option and in the company, details type AJIS LIFE SCIENCES PRIVATE LIMITED.Fi Money Referal program 2021
  2. You need to deposit Rs 3000 then only you can earn Rs 200- Rs 1000. You can simply add money and after getting the referral bonus you can instantly transfer the amount to your original bank account.

Proof of Fi Money app referral code earned Money

You can earn Rs 200 to Rs 400 by using the Fi Money referral code 2LJYTVA8X2. Here we have provided proof of how we earned Rs 1000+ on the Fi Money Refer and Earn program. You need to load your Fi Money Account with a minimum of Rs 3000 to get a referral reward of Rs 200 to Rs 500. You can also share your own referral code with your friends so that you can also earn a referral bonus of Rs 200 to Rs 400 per referral. Here is proof of earnings of the My Fi Money app referral code where I have earned Rs 8548 –

FI Money Referral reward proof

Fi Money Latest Referral Update 2024

Lots of People earning Rs 200 to Rs 400 per refer upto 40 refer. Noe to get the Fi Money Referral code you need to maintain an average balance of Rs2000 instead of Rs 3000 for 10 days only. So, what are you waiting for? Open Fi Money account using our latest fi money referral code FERBZFMLHX and starts earning money along with a free saving bank account.

Final words Fi Money referral code

You can earn a reward of Rs 200 to Rs 400 per refer upto 40 refer while your friend does a transaction amount of Rs of 3000. So use our Fi Money Referral code to win Rs 200 to Rs 400.

How to use Fi Money referral code 2024[Video Tutorial]

Here is a video tutorial that helps you with the process of Fi Money Account Opening as well as How to earn Rs. 200 using our Fi money referral code BCMKMPG6LJ on your first deposit of Rs. 3000.

Fi Money FAQ


What is the Fi Money referral code?

Fi Money Referral code is a unique code that is used to refer and earn money upto Rs 300 per referral.

What is the current Fi referral code for April 2024?

The current month Fi referral code for April 2024 is BCMKMPG6LJ.

Can fi money and federal bank open an account from the same mobile number?

Fi money is a federal bank account app. So, Fi money and federal bank accounts can be the same number.

I just put the wrong information in the FI Money app. how to deregister it and make a new registration?

To deregister Fi Money App you need to contact Fi Customer care which is available 24×7 on Fi Money App.

How do you get a Fi referral code?

You will get a Fi Money referral code after adding Rs 3000 for 10 days to Fi Money Account.

How do you refer fi money?

You can refer fi money to your friends and family via WhatsApp or other social media platforms. As soon as they deposit Rs 3000, you and your friends will Rs 300 & Rs 100 respectively .

What is the Finite Code of Fi Money?

The finite Code of Fi Money is a unique referral code that can be used to refer and earn money using Fi App. Our FI Money Finite Code is BCMKMPG6LJ. As soon as you deposit Rs 3000 using our Finite Code Fi Money then you will also get your unique Fi Money Finite Code. 

Is Fi money safe?

Yes! Fi Money is 100% safe and secures as it provides a smart, zero-balance savings account in partnership with an RBI-licensed Federal Bank.

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