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Download RTI application form in Assamese

rti application form in assamese

RTI application form in Assamese

Right to Information Act was enacted by the Government of India in which one can have secure access to information under the control of public authorities. The Right to Information Act was enacted on 12th October 2005 across the country to prevent manipulation like corruption, scams, tax evasion. You can apply RTI both online as well as Offline. For Offline you need to apply with proper RTI form Assam pdf. So to help you, we have collected the RTI application form in Assamese pdf. You can easily seek information from any department of Assam Govt using this RTI application form in Assamese.

RTI application form in Assamese PDF

We will provide you the RTI form Assam pdf in Assamese You need to click on the link below to download the RTI application form in Assamese. After which you can easily get Information using this application.

How to file RTI using RTI Assamese application form

A most common question is “how to file RTI in Assam ?”. Here is the answer. One who wants to file an RTI plea first needs to Identify the department and find out under which scope the department comes from Local authority, State, or Central Government. Now, you need to address the RTI application in Assamese to the concerned state or central Public Information Officer. To file the request using this RTI application form, you need to pay Rs. 10 in cash or through bank draft or money order or court fee stamp. Also if someone is living under the poverty line he will be exempted from paying the fee. But he needs to produce the proper proof.

You can send the filled RTI application form in Assamese by mail or hand it over to the office personally. For future reference, you should have the photocopy of the request and also receive an acknowledgment from the office. As per the rule, the concerned office must respond to your RTI request within 30 days.

RTI form assam pdf

RTI form assam download option is available here. RTI form in Assamese is given below-

RTI form assam PDF – Download

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