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Mustafizur Rahman – The most richest and most subscribed Youtuber in Assam

Mustafizur Rahman Youtuber in Assam

Interesting Facts that Everyone Should Know About Mustafizur Rahman Assam Youtuber

Mustafizur Rahman is now an internet viral sensation in Assam. He recently got famous for his youtube channel Bhaity Music Company. His interview was taken by a famous journalist of Assam, Anupam Chakraborty. Earlier, he was unknown to the people of Assam. But after the interview, people get to know him. Earlier it was a myth that Dimpu Baruah is the highest subscribe Youtube Channel in Assam. But it’s now not true. Mufafizur’s Youtube channel namely Bhaity Music Company has the highest number of Subscribers in Assam.

Mustafizur Rahman Assam Youtuber Details

  • Mustafizur Rahman is from Assam, Goalpara. He is only 25 Years Old.
  • According to him, he earns money from YouTube which is highest in the Northeast.
  • Using his monthly income he can buy two Mercedes-Benz C Class Cars. Now We know one Mercedes-Benz C Class Car price in India is about 45-50 Lakhs.
  • Assamese youtube Mustafizur Rahman is also going to start an e-commerce based shopping mall in Goalpara soon.
  • Mustafizur is the son of Carpenter. Earlier, his financial condition is not good.

Dimpu Baruah Vs Mustafizur Rahman

Dimpu Baruah Vs Mustafizur

Now it is clear that Mufafizur’s Youtube channel has higher subscribers as compared to Dimpu Baruah Youtube channel. But there is some difference. Dimpu Baruah’s Youtube channel has viewers only based on Assamese language but Mufafizur’s Youtube channel has viewers from all over the world based on the Hindi language. Most of his views come from India and Indonesia. Also, we know countries like Indonesia have high CPC in advertisement services. So, Mustafizur earns more money than dimpu Baruah. However, both of them are good assets for Assam.

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Youtuber Mustafizur Rahman Assam Photos

Mustafizur Rahman YoutuberMustafizur Rahman Youtuber

Mustafizur Rahman Youtuber

I am an independent Web Developer. I enjoy using my skills to contribute to the exciting technological advances that happen every day in the internet world. I am currently running more than 5 my own websites and two youtube channels. Moreover, I am also working in the Indian Postal Department. I graduated from the Centurion University of Technology in 2015 with a Bachelor's Degree in Electronics and Communication.

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