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JSPA Census Assam Online Apply – Assamese Muslims Census

Assamese Muslims Census online apply

Assamese Muslims Census Online Apply

After a long time of demand, an online ‘census’ for the indigenous Muslims of Assam has been initiated, but not by the government. This census is launched by Janagosthia Samannay Parishad, Assam (JSPA), an umbrella body of more than 30 indigenous organizations in Assam. However, it was one of the key promises of BJP that they would do a survey for indigenous Muslims in Assam. But we have seen now instead of Government, an organization is going to lunch a census for indigenous Muslims.

The Chief Convener of Janagosthia Samannay Parishad, Syed Muminul Aowal, who is also the Chairman of the Assam Minorities Development Board said, “The census is modified based on the lines of the National Register of Citizens (NRC).”The JSPA represents three categories of Muslims who live in Assam. They are Goriya, Moriya, and Deshis. The Goriya and the Moriya community basically belong to the upper and middle Assam, and the Deshi community belongs to Lower Assam.

How to apply JSPA Census online

To apply Goriya, Moriya, and Desi census in Assam, you need to visit the official website. You need to visit and the family head needs to register himself on the website. After that relative details of the other family members should be filled in. Along with these details, he needs to submit the required documents. The list of documents for the online census of Assamese Muslims is given below.

Documents required for Assamese Muslims Census

Here is the list of documents required for the Assamese Muslims census online apply-

  1. Voter card/ Aadhaar Card of each family member (Non-mandatory for non-voter)
  2. PAN Card of each family members (Not mandatory for minors)
  3. Certified Copy From Organization Emplaned by JSPA.
  4. Certified Copy From Village (Gaon Burah)/ Municipal Board/ Town Committee/ Other any Competent authority.


  1. Certified Copy From Organization Emplaned by JSPA – Download
  2. Certified Copy From Village Head/ Municipal Board etc – Download

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