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Hostels of Educational Institutions in Assam to be opened from December 15 : Here are the Guidelines.

Hostel in Assam Opening guidelines

The education department of Assam has issued new guidelines for the opening of Hostels of Educational Institutions. The hostel of all educational institutions will be opened from December 15, 2020. However, there are many rules and regulations. According to the guidelines issued by the Commissioner of Education, Pritom Saikia, Hostels in-state colleges, undergraduate colleges, universities, residential schools (government, private) and coaching institutions can be opened from December 15 following some rules and regulations.

The rules of hostel opening guidelines in Assam as below:

  1. Students with no symptoms of COVID-19 can stay in the hostel.
  2. 50 percent of the bed will be reduced.
  3. Each room must have a partition.
  4. The online class will be closed for students staying in hostels.
  5. Hostel wardens, cooks, helpers will have to test COVID-19.
  6. Hostels, kitchens, bathrooms, dining hall must be sanitized.
  7. Hostel students have to get written permission from their parents. It is not mandatory to stay in the hostel. It will depend on the opinion of the guardian.
  8. All the students staying in the hostel will have to test COVID-19. Students have to maintain social distance.
  9. A team of doctors will visit the hostel every week.

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