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Does Aimee Baruah CAA Controversy impact on Assam Election 2021?

Aimee Baruah CAA

A comment on CAA by actress Assamese actress, Aimee Baruah recently creates a buzz on social media. A strong reaction is seen on social media as the actress makes a statement on CAA. She said ‘We do abide by CAA, we do need CAA.’ This remark made by Aimee Baruah creates buzz on social media before the pre-election day of the first phase of polling Assam Election 2021.

Some people are expressing outrage at the actress’s remarks in support of CAA. The Anti-CAA movement had gained widespread from across the state in December and January 2019. This movement had a great impact on upper Assam.

In the first phase of the Election, The star campaigners of BJP also tacitly kept away themselves from the CAA issue. But the actress Aimee Baruah’s remarks on CAA just before two days of the first phase voting may create some negative impact for BJP in upper Assam. Similarly, Aimee Baruah’s comment will also create an impact on the second and third phases of election 2021.

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