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Barsha Rani Bishaya marriage : Assamese Actress Barasha Rani Bishaya will get married on 22nd Feb

Barsha Rani Bishaya marriage

Barsha Rani Bishaya marriage: Assamese Actress Barasha Rani Bishaya will get married on the 22nd of February. A young man from Jorhat will be the life partner of Barasha Rani Bishaya. The name of the guy is Bhaskar Baruah.

Bhaskar Baruah is from Bahana of Jorhat district. Bhaskar Baruah is the first viewer of every show of the Barasha Rani Bishaya. Bhaskar Baruah usually watches every film that is being acted by Barasha Rani Bishaya.

Earlier, Barasha Rani Bishaya got married to Avinash Saikia. And unfortunately, her first husband died/ The former husband’s family has also been supporting the upcoming wedding. It has not been revealed where the wedding will be performed. But, there has been no official announcement from the family of the actress Barasha Rani Bishaya in this regard.

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