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Assam Election 2021 Prediction : Latest News about who will win Assam Election 2021

Assam Election 2021 Prediction

Assam Election 2021 Prediction

Although Exit poll prediction is banned till 7:30 PM on April 29, there are several predictions about Assam election 2021 have already come out. Journalist Atanu Bhuyan has also provided Assam Election 2021 prediction. Also, the barpeta satra prediction for the Assam election 2021 has come out.

Atanu Bhuyan Assam Election 2021 Prediction

Atanu Bhuyan, a famous journalist of Assam has already predicted for Assam election 2021 result. According to him, BJP, AGP, and UPPL alliance will win the Assam election 2021. BJP is going to form the government again in Assam 2021. However, Atanu Bhuyan also said Congress allies will get 50+ seats in Assam but they will not be able to form govt in Assam.

Traditional Borshafol Gonona Assam Election 2021 Prediction

According to Borshafol Gonona about Assam election 2021, BJP allies are going to form in Assam. Sarbananda Sonowal is going to be the chief minister of Assam again.

So, these are the most popular astrological prediction as well as a journalist prediction about the Assam election 2021. Results will be declared on 2nd May 2021. The final prediction will come out on that day only.

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